Monday, May 4, 2020

May 4-8

The Baij family welcomed a new family member, Jax! He is our 2nd Spyhnx cat & we just love him!

Days to Remember

Everyday: Read and practice math facts

Mondays: Previous week assignments are due to the google classroom
Tuesdays: Class zoom from 9:00am -9:30 am
Thursday: Class zoom from 9:00am-9:30am
Have a great week!

Monday, April 27, 2020

April 27-May 1

Days to Remember
Everyday: Read and practice math facts
Monday: Previous week assignments are due to the google classroom
Tuesday: Class zoom from 9:00am -9:30 am
Thursday: Class zoom from 9:00 am-9:30 am
Friday: Sign-up Genius will be posted in Google Classroom for one-on-one reading. 

Have a great week! Please remember to reach out if any questions or needs arise! I'm here to help in anyway I can.

Mrs. Baij

Sunday, April 19, 2020

April 20-24

Greeting 1C! This weekend my family celebrated our daughter’s 15th birthday! It’s hard to believe how quickly time passes.
And here is Mrs. Geyer’s kitty, George helping her daughter Isabelle with homework :)

Google Classroom is all set for our week of learning! If you have questions on any of the assignments please let me know. There is a link in our classroom that allows you to sign up for a one on one reading zoom meet with myself or Mrs Geyer. We will have our two weekly whole class zoom meetings, links and invites can also be found in Google Classroom. Make sure your child brings their collection to share (if they have one) on Tuesday! Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

April 14th-17th

Here is a look at our week ahead:

Class Zooms on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-9:30: Please refer to our google classroom or the e-mail sent on 4/10 for the zoom meeting link and password. 

Submitting Weekly Work: Week three's work is due to the google classroom  by Tuesday, 4/14. Moving forward, weekly work will be due the following Monday. 

One-on-one Reading: Mrs. Geyer and I look forward to reading with you.  Please see our google classroom page or the email to sign up.  A zoom link will be emailed to you!

Reaching out:  In this quickly changing time, please feel free to reach out if you or your child needs support adjusting and completing remote learning. Mrs. Geyer and I are here to help in anyway we can!

Xtra Math: Thank you Benjamin, Elina, Gage, Janissa, Julia, Natalie, Rohit, Ryder, Sloane, & Talia for logging into your new Xtra Math account! This is a wonderful way to continue practicing your math facts!

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

March 30-April 3

A note from Mrs. Baij: 

I enjoyed "seeing" some of you via zoom this past week & hope you can join me again this week! My big weekend project was purchasing and putting together a desk :) It's nice to have a place to work from home now! 

Oreo enjoyed exploring my backyard this past week, and has now hopped off to Mrs. Marks house to spend some time there with her family! 

The main reason that Oreo is spending time with Mrs. Marks is because of these two, my Sphynx Dalila and dog Jessie:
And finally, I enjoyed some walks around our neighborhood! I hope you were able to spend some time outside as well!

A note from Mrs. Geyer: 


I hope everyone is doing well!  I miss all of you and miss being in 1C with everyone.  This weekend members of my family in Ohio and two other locations in Arizona invited me to a video call to play a board game together.  Our family loves playing board games so it was really fun trying it over a video call so that we could see each other.  I loved seeing some of you on the Zoom conference call on Friday and I hope that I will get to see all of you on video calls soon.

For the last couple weeks a duck has been stopping by to swim in my pool.  I think he’s pretty cute. I’m including his picture so you can see if you agree.

This week in science we will be learning about rocks.  I took a picture for you of some of the rocks in my collection.  I hope you will have fun collecting your own rock this week. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Wednesday's Story

Good Afternoon!

I hope day 2 of remote learning was a great success!

Jaime Baij

Monday, March 23, 2020

A Story for Tuesday!

Greeting 1C Families-
I hope that day 1 of remote learning went well! I received a few pictures and I loved getting the opportunity to see some smiles from my students. Here is a video for Tuesday if your child would like to hear another read aloud. I've also included a video to the Pledge in sign language. I taught the students how to say it in sign language a few months ago, so if they forgot any of the motions they can get a refresher here!

Take Care,
Mrs. Baij

May 4-8

The Baij family welcomed a new family member, Jax! He is our 2nd Spyhnx cat & we just love him! Days to Remember Ev...